WMS Reference Projects

What are WMS Reference Projects?

What are WMS Reference Projects?

In addition to presenting their own systems, participating WMS providers on warehouse-logistics.com have the opportunity to have their completed industrial projects validated and listed as WMS reference projects. The validation by the independent »Team warehouse logistics« ensures a high degree of significance and industry-wide comparability of the reference projects.

Furthermore, the providers and their systems can be assessed in a better way by potential WMS customers, based on the references already carried out. For this purpose, WMS users have access to over 100 validated WMS reference projects.

Validation of a WMS reference project

As soon as a new logistics system goes into operation, participating WMS providers have the possibility to submit a new WMS reference project on warehouse-logistics.com. The participants work together with their customers to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire, which covers all relevant project criteria with around 500 aspects. The questionnaire was completely revised in 2018 to take current developments in the industry into account and to further strengthen the significance of the WMS reference projects. After successful completion of the questionnaire, the WMS reference project is released for validation. In consultation with the WMS customer, the »Team warehouse logistics« checks the entered data for correctness as well as consistency and corrects any errors. After successful validation, the project will be published on warehouse-logistics.com.

Selection of Projects

Filter criteria facilitate a targeted search for projects based on project specifications (such as the industry) and serve as additional decision-making aids. Suppliers can use the offer to distinguish themselves with their own successful projects in a positive sense and contrast from competitors.

Your participation will be rewarded

An active participation in the service of the WMS reference projects is rewarded by different signets. Depending on the number of published WMS reference projects, the »Team warehouse logistics« awards the validation signet in bronze, silver and gold. From 5 validated WMS reference projects the suppliers receive the signet in bronze and from 15 or 25 validated WMS reference projects in silver or gold.

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