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KNAPP is one of the world’s leading supplier of warehouse logistics and warehouse automation. Software and the WMS in particular play a central role, whether the solution is manual or fully automatic. The core sectors include Healthcare, Fashion, General Retail, Food, CEP and Industry. KiSoft and SAP EWM software are included in the product range.

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Company description

KNAPP is a leading technological company and provides intelligent solutions for distribution and production. Numerous innovations originating from the Austrian headquarters have successfully gone around the world. Industry know-how is an important aspect of the company’s success. Every year, the KNAPP group invests around 36 million euros in research and development. With around 4,200 employees, the company generated a turnover of 710 million euros in the past business year. More than 700 KNAPP software experts are constantly working to further develop the reliable KiSoft portfolio and create new innovative software solutions.
The German local office is located in Heusenstamm near Frankfurt.

More than 1,800 KNAPP systems in 60 countries

KNAPP is a partner to industry and ensures its customers long-term success. The keys to success are flexible and scalable logistical concepts that can grow with the demands.

The zero-defect philosophy is state-of-the-art and combines quality with efficiency and economy. Smart assistance systems raise service to a new level; intuitive man and machine communication brings high-tech to the warehouse.

A value chain emerges from the supply chain thanks to new technologies and flexible processes. Interconnected systems turn logistics specialists into value providers.

More information about the international customer structure is included in the references.

You’ll find exciting posts about logistics and future trends in our KNAPP blog.

Information related to the product

RPSredPILOT - Operational Excellence Solution


Sustainable warehouse optimization withredPILOT® Operational Excellence Solution

redPILOT® ensures that logistics systems are operated at the optimum at every hour of operation. The Operational Excellence Solution optimizes all resources such as personnel or machines, taking into account the constantly changing conditions of a logistics operation.

With the help of redPILOT®, shift schedules are created depending on the given personnel availability and the respective authorizations and qualifications of the employees. It helps to operate logistics operations at optimum performance at all times. The solution takes into account all resources, the constant change in requirements and many other influencing factors.Depending on the selected strategies, such as »fastest possible« or »most economical« allocation, the best possible resource configurations are determined on the basis of the required services.The motto is to save costs by using existing resources more intelligently.

The teamAPP- a mobile app for smartphones - in particular provides companies with excellent support in this regard. This feature enables simple and fast communication between planners and employees. At the same time, it increases flexibility and optimizes costs through a demand-based planning process that allows transparent, rule-based allocation based on competencies and availabilities.


  1. intelligent, simple and cost-optimized planning
  2. recognizes hidden potential
  3. live overview of current processes with suggestion of alternative actions
  4. integrates employees better & increases flexibility
  5. improves the service for customers of the logistics company

Target group

Healthcare, Fashion, General Retail / E-Commerce, Food Retail, CEP und Industry


redPILOT® supports warehouse management to improve the operational performance of logistics systems and to sustainably profit through operational excellence.

  • Increase performance
    Bottlenecks and overcapacities are detected by a specially developed algorithm. As a result, action alternatives are suggested and the performance of your overall system is increased.
  • Reduce effort
    Forward-looking operational planning of all resources leads to holistic optimization, taking performance and costs into account. As a result, system and personnel expenses are minimized.
  • Improve system
    Machine learning automatically improves the system itself, systematically steadily improving your operations and identifying hidden potential.

WMSKiSoft One V2.3


KiSoft is the KNAPP group’s own software product line. The extensive KiSoft series has been tried and tested countless times and combines a wealth of experience with innovation. KiSoft can be used to design made-to-order software solutions for all processes and across all levels, from a single supplier. This could be WMS and WCS right through to machine control systems. Such evolutionary software solutions mean that KNAPP has entered a new dimension in logistics. KNAPP continues to develop its software portfolio calling on its years of experience, know-how and expertise. KiSoft reduces costs while simultaneously achieving maximum performance and availability.

Its clearly sub-divided, modular system architecture guarantees the highest degree of flexibility and scalability. KiSoft focusses on configuration rather than development, which minimizes customer-specific developments in the project. This not only reduces costs but also the risks involved in rushed implementation. KNAPP has combined efficient implementation with simple integration in diverse Host systems, together with defined lifecycle support and maximum investment security with the all-in-one KiSoft software solution.

KiSoft offers:

  • Best-practice processes for various, highly-specialized sectors
  • High level of standardization
  • Scalable solutions
  • Easy installation and expandability
  • Complete control and transparency in the warehouse
  • Roll-out solutions for more than one site
  • Investment security

Information on the KiSoft portfolio can be found in the product folder.


With SAP® EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) by KNAPP, the company is offering a transparent solution that allows customers to programme and make adjustments themselves. SAP® EWM by KNAPP is the right solution for anyone wanting to implement an SAP® IT strategy and looking for an outstanding logistics solution. Customers not only receive a comprehensive SAP® solution for very little investment, they also benefit from the KNAPP group’s expertise. The KNAPP subsidiary KNAPP IT Solutions provides SAP® EWM by KNAPP.

Further information regarding SAP® EWM by KNAPP is included in the product folder.

Target group

Healthcare, Fashion, General Retail / E-Commerce, Food Retail, CEP and Industry

Product Screenshots

WMSSAP Extended Warehouse Management dezentral EWM S/4HANA 2009 *
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Further Information

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Location and contact information


Guenter-Knapp-Str. 5-7

8075 Hart/Graz


Hansjürgen Walter

Head of Software Consulting

Telephone: +43 5 04952 - 0


Gewerbeparkstraße 17

8143 Dobl


Siegfried Zwing

KNAPP IT Solutions GmbH

Dietrich-Keller-Straße 24

8074 Raaba-Grambach


Gerald Lassau

Managing Director

Telephone: +43 5 04952 - 9100

KNAPP France Sarl

rue de la Maion Rouge 23

77185 Lognes


Stéphane Conjard

Telephone: +33 1 647353 47

Fax: +33 1 647353 48

KNAPP Deutschland GmbH

Seligenstädter Grund 1

63150 Heusenstamm bei Frankfurt


Joachim Erhard


Telephone: +49 6104 40688-0

Fax: +49 6104 40688-99

KNAPP Italia S.R.L.

Centro Direzionale Colleoni Palazzo Taurus, 1

20864 Agrate Brianza, MB


Filippo Indovina

General Manager

Telephone: +39 039 9631 650

Fax: +39 039 9631 654

KNAPP Benelux BV

Noordhoven 19

6042 NW Roermond


René Wolters

General Manager

Telephone: +31 475 75 30 20

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