Customer Quotes

The Fraunhofer IML has supported us with technical training and project-accompanying consulting at crucial points in innovative customer projects. Thanks to their experience and, above all, practical relevance, we were able to manage projects with technologies and methods that were completely new to us to the complete satisfaction of our customers. This has certainly saved us many dead ends and pitfalls.
Dr. Thomas Albers,
Technical Director Electronics,
MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH
In a two-day workshop on the field of warehouse management systems, Fraunhofer IML supported us in updating our knowledge of the diverse and complex application areas of IT systems used in the logistics environment. Specific functional ranges were defined and requirements for individual interfaces were analysed. The workshop was perfectly tailored to our questions, which were made available to the Fraunhofer team in advance. The knowledge we gained could be combined perfectly with our previous approaches. This provides us with valuable input for the development of innovative products and services that efficiently support our customers in their daily work.
Juergen Buchmann,
Director Technology Development ,
Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG
For years we have had the LogControl software validated by Team Warehouse Logistics. The annual extension of the validation criteria, the personal exchange with the Fraunhofer employees and the technical contents on the platform always provide good suggestions for our software development and sales.
Günter Leiherer
Günter Leiherer,
Project Manager & Customer Consulting,
LogControl GmbH
The team warehouse logistics analyses the WMS market with great competence and neutrality. Stakeholders get well-founded market information and thus can get into contact with the suitable providers quickly and easily. TEAM has already established various interesting contacts over this platform.
Michael Baranowski
Michael Baranowski,
For many years we have been validated by Fraunhofer IML, and appreciated it. The dialogue and cooperation with the team are very helpful. The platform supports stakeholdes during the pre-selection of potential providers of warehouse management solutions.
Horst Reichert
Horst Reichert,
S&P Computersysteme GmbH
We have been participating in the WMS Database by Fraunhofer IML for many years. We appreciate the valuable feedback of the Fraunhofer experts during the validation and the rating of market trends.
Gerald Lassau
Gerald Lassau,
KNAPP Information Management GmbH
We benefit a lot from the cooperation with Fraunhofer IML. It is an excellent platform to inform potential customers about our products and projects.
Jürgen Erkmann
Dr. Jürgen Erkmann,
Managing Director,
For us it is very important to be a participant on the WMS Database. We noticed that customer decisions depend strongly on whether one WMS-provider is listed there or not.
Sonja Lucca,
Stöcklin Logistik AG
We are glad that we are listed in the global WMS database. It is very important for us, because we know that this is a way to the European market. Also the questionaire gave us very strong experience in comparing our functionality with common demands from the customers. The team warehouse logistics did a great analysis on WMS. Please, keep it running!
Leonid Khramov
Leonid Khramov,
Solvo Ltd.
The collaboration with Team warehouse logistics is very open and harmonious and it is always characterized by a great interest in the best possible exchange of information. The WMS database itself and the framework around it provide an excellent technical platform.
Ralf  Schränkler
Ralf Schränkler,
SAP Deutschland AG & Co.KG
It is a question of image to be involved and participate. It shows you where your products stand in comparison with the competition.
Marcel  Grüninger
Marcel Grüninger,
Stöcklin Logistik AG
By using the online preselection, both users and vendors can reduce costs and save time. Warehouse logistics creates a win-win situation by acting as a mediator between the parties. The portal also provides a good opportunity for placing news, articles, white papers, and so on in an appropriate context and thereby get attention and become better known in the market as well. The market report and the information about the point of view of the user can help with the decision-making for future development.
Tobias  Appelmann
Tobias Appelmann,
The collaboration with Team warehouse logistics is always fast and efficient. Participating in the WMS database was always a “must” for us in order to manifest the seriousness for the ongoing improvement and further development of our products in direct comparison with other vendors, even in the public image.
Peter  Kliegl
Peter Kliegl,
aqcon GmbH
The WMS Validation is an important instrument for us to demonstrate our extensive logistics expertise to our current and future customers. Warehouse Logistics is the right place for us to present our software products WAMAS and SAP in the logistics market and to do so in an objective and transparent manner.
Hannes Neubauer
Hannes Neubauer,
SSI Schäfer IT Solutions GmbH
We really like the partnership approach to the validation and testing of the functionality and features: an approach that is also extremely precise and detailed in nature. It allows us to show the benefits of our software in many areas.
Rémy El Abd
Rémy El Abd,
Director of Sales,
S&P Computersysteme GmbH
We value the team as partners in helping us sharpen our view of the market.
Sven Ludwig
Sven Ludwig,
SALT Solutions GmbH
Interesting selection of topics; exchange of ideas with the competition.
Markus Müllerschön
Markus Müllerschön,
Director of IT Consulting,
viastore systems GmbH
The meeting provides a good mixture of the sharing of experiences and the latest trends so that participants can examine their own business strategy and also look to the future.
Dr. Jochen Fuhrmann,
The meeting allows us to learn about new ideas and technologies. The opportunity to discuss these with the other participants compliments that perfectly.
Andreas Dürholt
Dr. Andreas Dürholt,
Bitergo GmbH
The discussions about the different topics in the World Café reminded me again that there are many different ways to view and interpret certain topics. This realization helps us when we present sensitive topics to our customers.
Alexander Ulbrich
Dr. Alexander Ulbrich,
Product Manager of Warehouse Management Systems,
Jungheinrich AG
The ability to discuss innovative topics and market trends with the other participants and the WHL employees helps us with both the positioning and strategic alignment of our company in the market.
Fin Geldmacher
Fin Geldmacher,
prismat GmbH
The Warehouse Logistics community and this event have almost become a surrogate for a WMS manufacturers association. Very well run and organized as always.
Horst Reichert
Horst Reichert,
S&P Computersysteme GmbH
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