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MOX SOLUTIONS S.R.L. arose in 2006 from a business idea which aims to ensure fast solutions (hence the name MOX, that in latin means “rapid”) of high-quality software integration. The proposed software solutions stand out in business software for their high technology and quality, thanks to the professional experience that the collaborators have gained in the logistics management, production management and sales processes.

The answer of the Mox Solutions team, is based on the concept of integration of pre-existent software. This mission is accomplished by providing the customer with expert consultancy from the Mox staff, with clear indications on how much work should be performed to ensure the integration and the optimization of pre-existent business processes with the WMS system.

Some numbers:

  • 18 collaborators including employees and professionals
  • 84 Stockforce WMS logistics installations
  • 35 "light" logistics installations
  • Installations present throughout Italy and Europe (Germany, UK).


Mox Solutions, located in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) - Italy, has been operating since 2006 and is the result of the convergence of a multi-year expertise of the 3 founding partners in the field of business software and the integration of software systems, combined with the sharing of approach methodologies in the resolution of enterprise issues, in the IT field.

The shared company vision led the company, in 2007/2008, to commercialize software products on mobile devices orientated to logistics and management of internal flows of goods in warehouses, with an innovative and modern solution.

The use of heterogeneous devices, typically but not exclusively Microsoft's mobile operating systems, does not limit the proposed solution, which is very flexible.

In 2008 MOX extended its product range with a project aimed to manage and collect factory data, a typical action in a Manufacturing Execution System, once again with the usual mobility characteristics.

In 2009-2010 MOX established reseller agreements (still active) for its logistics products with companies of national importance in the distribution of ERP systems and their distribution networks, which consist of more than 200 dealers.

In 2011 the three MOX partners founded Temovo s.r.l., extending the collaboration with other partners with specific commercial skills, always in the field of business software, with the aim of distributing products for the Sales Force Management using tablet technology. Specifically, they created SELLMORE, a Sales Force Automation App for iPad.

In 2013, MOX completed the drafting of a development framework that was able to generate multi-platform web applications (Microsoft, Apple, Android) from which specific solutions on companies wireless systems have been developed, specifically for production control in the different departments (management of the processing cycle, order progress, materials withdrawal, etc.).

In 2015 MOX released the first version of the new Stockforce WMS, with web interface for the management and control of logistics flows and extended its customer base specifically in the food industry where it met and responded to the specific needs of this type of industry in terms of batch management, traceability, management of the shelf-life, etc.

In the three-year period 2016-2018, MOX further enhanced the Stockforce suite by expanding its functionalities with a system able to do evadibility analysis of the order portfolio and able to give, in a proactive way, delivery dates relying on real-time incoming requests by customers and inventory changes. At the same time, it reached and exceeded the 100 served client companies with the new WMS solution, consolidating the experience in different specific industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and mechanics.

Information related to the product

WMSStockforce WMS



Multi-company: for the separate but integrated management of several companies with different clients

Multi-warehouse: with versatile management of logical warehouses distinct from physical warehouses

Notification management: in real time upon the occurrence of monitored events (order completed, product out of stock, low level of item stock, mission not yet activated, etc.)

Specific management for the Food & Beverage industry

Departmental WMS: it can be integrated with the business information system via pre-set connectors


Very customizable

Integrated with your ERP


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