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As a global company, we develop innovative warehouse management solutions, put them into operation and take on after-sales service. 30 years of experience guarantee efficient and low-cost project implementation. iFD-WMS: browser-based, modular, scalable, implemented in Java, various industries / forms

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Company description

Since 1990, iFD GmbH has been planning, developing and implementing software systems worldwide for automated and manual intralogistics in industry and commerce.

Extensive experience in process planning and implementation for almost 30 years helps us to design low-effort and profit-optimised logistics systems and implement them as a generalisation.

IFD GmbH stands for innovative and future-proof systems and solutions. Our modular, low-maintenance applications can be integrated into almost any logistics environment and impress with their simple and intuitive operation.

The professional project management by our experienced logistics specialists is certified according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015 and thanks to our historically grown proximity to the automotive and manufacturing industry, we can also plan industry-specific requirements such as dock and yard management or the connection of MES and BDE systems with the highest level of expertise , design and implement in tailor-made applications.

Our vision is to optimise not only your business processes but also the performance of your warehouses and increase the satisfaction of your customers. That's why we deliver a software solution that enables you to perfect your entire value chain.

In an ever-changing marketplace, you need adaptive and viable software that can be quickly adapted to meet new market demands so that warehouse performance can always be optimised.

More than 28,000 users at more than 100 internationally operating companies from a wide variety of industries use the iFD software to optimise their business processes and to achieve high cost savings internally.


  • 1990 founding of iFD in Chemnitz
  • 1992 foundation of the iFD office in Sofia
  • 1995 opening of the development department Warehouse Management and Control System
  • 1996 foundation of the sales company in Singapore (iFD Logistics Pte. Ltd.)
  • 2002 opening of the development depart Material Flow Control Software
  • 2003 foundation of the iFD office in Munich (digiplant GmbH)
  • 2004 opening of the development departement Forklift Control System
  • 2006 founding of a service company (DLS GmbH)
  • 2007 market launch SYSMON (system monitoring)
  • 2014 founding of the iFD office in Moscow (iFD Software and Logistic Solutions)

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The warehouse management of iFD GmbH provides a comprehensive range and depth of functions.
Due to the modular design, we can plan and implement tailor-made software for your company within a shrot time.
With a variety of combination options, the system can be quickly adapted to any industry and the specific requirements. This gives you immediate access to all the functions want and at the same time allows you the option of expanding the system functionally at any time.

The warehouse management system of iFD GmbH - intuitive user guidance that adapts itself.

  • Client Server System
  • database and operating system independent
  • flexible interfaces
  • Can be used across multiple locations
  • multilingual

​Absolute transparency

By default, the WMS of the iFD is already equipped with a large number of perfectly coordinated information and control instruments.


The cockpit displays all important information about the current status and utilisation of the entire system. Due to the color-changing status displays, the cockpit offers you quick reaction and intervention options for critical conditions.

Warehouse visualisation

With the associated license-independent stock visualisation, you always have a central overview of the entire warehouse. From key figures of the entire system to detailed information on individual elements: From the visualisation, you can import important additional data, such as e.g. LU number and storage date.
Immediate problem detection and localisation with a color-coded error display also allows you to intervene immediately in the event of disruptions.

Platform neutral an Customisable

A versatile mask concept is the basic requirement for intuitive and user-friendly work. In order to integrate familiar processes and to maintain the acceptance of the employees, we discuss the structure and content of the individual masks in advance with you in detail.

This allows future users to make quick, informed decisions and present all important information at a glance. Through the use of browser-based web frontends, the masks can be called up at any computer at any time without additional installation effort.

Operation area

The WMS of the iFD GmbH includes the mapping of different sequencing strategies for the highly complex JIS / JIT requirements and an integrable vehicle control for AGVS.

In addition to conventional conveyor technology and AS/RSs from different manufacturers AutoStores, overhead monorail systems and electric ground conveyors have also been integrated into numerous projects.


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iFD GmbH

Schulstraße 38

09125 Chemnitz


Deutschland, Europa, Südostasien


Elisa Förster

Sales Manager


Telephone: +49 (0) 371 538 80 39

Fax: +49 (0) 371 538 80 90

iFD digiplant GmbH

Leonrodstraße 58

80636 München


Deutschland Süd, Österreich, Schweiz, Italien, Frankreich, Spanien, BeNeLux


Philipp Arnold



Telephone: +49 (0) 89 14 33 73 12

Fax: +49 (0) 89 14 33 73 90

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