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Our team of experts in usability, design and software advises you from the initial idea to the complete solution. Benefit from our expertise in the subjects intralogistics, material flow, control and automation. Regardless of the industry, with our solution »LXone« we can assist you where an ERP or MIS is no longer sufficient.

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Company description

The aqcon GmbH was established in 2003 as a spin-off from an existing company. As a result of that, aqcon has already had experience with customer projects around the world since its founding. With these enormous experience we open up undreamt-of potential for our customers.

As a reliable partner we accompany our customers in the long term, advise on suitable strategies and provide our professionally developed software »LXone«. With our solution, we meet the special requirements of different storage structures and challenges of material flow.


  • We are located in Backnang nearby Stuttgart, Germany

  • We work cross-industry, user-centered and interdisciplinary

  • A good user experience (UX) is also one of our top priorities

  • We have customer projects in more than 20 countries, with a focus on Europe and Asia

  • If desired, we offer our service around the clock

Software & Consulting at the highest level!


By using »LXone« you stay flexible at any time and can respond to changes quickly. The modular architecture of »LXone« can adapt to every warehouse structure. The well-engineered concept of »LXone« therefore remains upgradeable and flexible at all times. »LXone« is a comprehensive and user-centered solution that handles the complex tasks as well as individual requirements.


During every project stage our professionals advise you extensively and involve you completely in the planning. Our consulting is objective and considers all adjacent and downstream processes, as well as the influence of the adjoining ERP-modules. Of course we can assist you with retrofit projects in equal measure.

We provide advise with affordable concepts that match your individual requirements. Even if you have already designed a concept, we can help you to refine and optimize it. We also counsel you with regard to IT hardware components and automation processes.

Information related to the product

WMSLXone 8


If your ERP or inventory management system in intralogistics meets its limits, we offer an integrated solution. Our solution »LXone« is composed of several standardized modules which are then tailored to your needs. This creates a solution that is fully integrated into your existing system landscape. The rapid implementation of our software and the adaptation of the processes to your requirements ensure frictionless processes.

The functionality of »LXone« does not only include storage and management, but also operating and controlling functions. So, »LXone« does not only handle your orders efficiently and flexibly, it also optimizes all goods movements and resources and provides and analyzes logistics key figures.

»LXone« offers a solution that exceeds the classic intralogistics.

  • Procurement, shipping, production supply and disposal, quality management, transport management, return management
  • Comprehensive monitoring and control functions, strategic reporting, operational reporting and storage monitoring
  • optimization of warehouse planning and process execution, for example, automatic formation and release of picks
  • Wide range of supported automation components
  • Standard interfaces to all ERP systems possible
  • Multi-client and multi warehouse capability
  • Available in several languages and new language versions can be created at low effort

Other functions such as Value Added Service, Cross Docking, Labor-Management, RF-ID processes, Voice Picking, Pick by / to Light, Dock and Yard management and many more are covered by »LXone«.

»LXone« makes your warehouse efficient and flexible. Your expenses are reduced and your service level increases. This has a direct impact on the perceived quality of your customer.

transparent: detect faults immediately
fast: accelerate throughput
exact: reduce safety stocks and error rates
flexible: respond to changes
functional: meet specific requirements
qualitative: guarantee high quality
integrated: consider existing environments
safe: ensure productivity

Target group

»LXone« is already used in various specific industry solutions, from clothing, food, automotive to logistics and fulfillment service providers. Due to its high flexibility, our solution can be implemented successfully in every industry and therefore is independent from branches.

Operation area

Whether manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic, we have already successfully implemented projects in countless variations and constellations. Thanks to the integrated material flow control (MFC functionality), different automatic systems can be linked directly to »LXone«. We offer solutions, from manual to highly dynamic automated warehouses.


Our software »LXone« can support your operation beyond the traditional warehouse management processes. We offer you a software from the raw material to the finished product. With »LXone« you can upgrade your material flow crucially.

In order to achieve a particular acceptance of the system and to support your employees optimally in their working environment, we implement the software according to your needs and those of your employees. Latest technologies are used as tools to achieve an effective and efficient system environment for your employees.

Product roadmap

In order to make our software product even more attractive, innovative and successful in the future, we do not only focus on technical functionality like effectiveness and efficiency in the user interface, but also on a positive »User Experience (UX)«. Users are motivated and encouraged to find creative solutions to problems in their operation by a positive user experience.

In order to make our software development leaner and more flexible in the future, agile methods are rooted more and more in the software development process. Thereby small, already presentable intermediate results guarantee the greatest possible transparency to our customers throughout the development process.

We respond to market trends and requirements such as Industry 4.0 by a continuous development of our software. Furthermore, we extend our planning and analysis capability.


To meet your specific needs, we offer various solutions and services. They are used depending on the complexity of the storage concept and on your individual needs and are implemented to form your holistic IT solution. An exact pricing will be available only after the joint planning.

Here are some samples of our pricing models:

  • All-Inclusive-Daily-Rates

Daily rates will be calculated and billed at guaranteed fixed prices.

  • Pay by use

The calculation depends on different storage characteristics, such as stock movements handled or storage bins used.

  • Cloud-Solution

Billing is done on a daily basis, per user and functions used.

Our customers have full control of cost at any time, as they are fully integrated already in the planning phase.


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