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Ever since 1990, we have been developing and implementing integrated IT solutions in logistics. By precisely and fully identifying your challenges and desires, and by taking into account contemporary trends and the requirements of your clients, we design solutions that improve your operation and ensure sustainable growth. Always serving the best.

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Company description

Epilog is a hi-tech research-and-development company with 30 years’ experience in international markets. The development and implementation of integrated and high-quality software solutions in the field of internal logistics and automated logistics systems (warehouses, transport devices, measuring devices) is our passion. We have brought together our expertise and experience in the field of IT internal logistics management in our own software package known as Atlas WMS.

Our Key Advantages:

  • branch-specific solutions for metal, pharmaceutical and food products;
  • advice on redesigning work processes in logistics and introduction of relevant IT support;
  • extensive experience in integrating warehouse management and warehouse control systems (WMS and WCS) on a new platform (SAP, Baan, Navision and many other).

In both European and other world markets, we supply WMS and WCS systems to leading manufacturers with automated warehouses, and we are among the preferred providers of IT solutions to support the warehousing of metal and other materials.

Our expertise and work have also been recognised by the Austrian multinational Knapp AG, as we entered the ownership structure of the company in February 2019.


Epilog's 30 years - Important milestones:


Information related to the product

WMSAtlas WMS 4.9.2


Atlas WMS – Two in One

In developing the Atlas WMS 4.0 warehouse management system, which provides information support to warehousing, we have followed all of the requirements of modern logistics. Atlas WMS − our own warehouse management system – combines both WMS (Warehouse Management System) and WCS (Warehouse Control System). The two-in-one concept provides a double benefit: Atlas WMS can work either as WCS or WMS, or as both at the same time.

Advantages of Atlas WMS:

  • automated warehousing solutions (WCS),
  • bar-code and RF-identification based solutions for mobile terminals in manual warehouse operations;
  • complete stock control and full traceability;
  • without stock with a due use–by date;
  • no wrong issues with Atlas WMS;
  • better use of storage area, more goods in the same place;
  • storage services you can provide to others;
  • reduction or elimination of complaints from customers and/or suppliers;
  • a system you can rely on completely;
  • short-term stocktaking without unnecessary costs;
  • adaptable code list of articles;
  • continual and accurate monitoring of material and human resources and all activities in the warehouse.


Specialised solutions for your special requirements:

Target group

Atlas WMS Metal – Everything You Need for Metal Warehousing

Atlas WMS Metal is a WMS solution adapted to the needs of metal warehouses.

Based on extensive experience and expertise gained through the implementation of the most demanding projects for leading global customers in the field of metal distribution, with Atlas WMS Metal we ensure comprehensive, state-of-the-art and integrated software for the specific needs of your industry.

Branch solutions

As warehousing of every group of goods has its own special requirements, we have created specialised solutions with support also for pharmaceutical and food products.

Product roadmap

Atlas WMS Plan – Module for Planning and Timing

Atlas WMS Plan enables the company to make a plan and an accurate timetable of order implementation based on all available orders (for receipt, dispatch, production, etc.), current and incoming material stock, and available material and human resources.
Its main advantage lies in lower costs as a result of optimal planning and use of resources: labour, equipment and stock.
Planning in WMS provides reliable information for ERP-TMS (Transport Management System), which enables reliable transport planning and generates considerable savings.

Atlas WMS in the Cloud

Atlas WMS in the cloud as a solution or service for a niche segment of micro, small and medium-sized companies.Advantages in comparison with the current approach:

  • no major capital investment is necessary,
  • fast application (and termination of use), which means that the decision to implement is no longer a long-term and/or strategic decision,
  • the support of an in-house IT department is not needed.

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