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Warehouse Management Systems

  • Locus WMS 3,19 (Validated)

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Company description

The market is changing continuously, and developments such as omnichannel in the supply chain call for flexible methods of receipt, storage and dispatch of goods. Having the right information at the right time in the right place is crucial. To respond to changing market conditions, you need to be able to interpret information from both customers and suppliers quickly and correctly. By the same token, you want to be a valuable player in the logistics chain and quickly provide customers and suppliers with up-to-date, accurate information.

Centric offers a wide range of integrated IT solutions to serve the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to consumer. Our solutions help to increase transparency across the supply chain. We have years of experience supplying high-quality standard solutions for the supply chain, which you can use to effectively and efficiently manage logistics processes. We support retailers, wholesalers, logistics service providers and transport companies with high-quality solutions and services, like our warehouse and transport management software, for example, but also with complete POS solutions and an integration platform for supply chain collaboration.


Centric is an organisation of 4300 professionals and with an EBIT of 24 million euros on sales of 490 million euros. Centric operates in Belgium, Germany, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland. In the Netherlands alone, Centric serves over 3500 clients with more than 200 software solutions. Millions of users get their work done every day using Centric solutions.

In 1992, Centric founder and owner Gerard Sanderink laid the foundation for what would, in the decades to follow, grow into one of the most successful business service providers in the Netherlands. Gerard is a single-minded Dutch entrepreneur hailing from the Twente region who aspires to make a substantial contribution to society with his companies. Centric is a non-listed company, and we invest at our own expense and risk in products and services we believe in.

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Locus WMS 3,19


Centric is the supplier of Locus WMS, a controlling standard-solution warehouse management system that creates efficiency in your warehouse by providing simplicity on the shop floor. The system offers extensive applications for all logistics processes in the warehouse. Locus WMS includes features like real-time KPI overviews, dashboard functionality including a 3D graphical representation of the warehouse, value added logistics (VAL), advanced shipping, integration with transport management, a fully integrated voice application, and seamless integral control of the warehouse mechanisation.

Target group

Locus WMS is designed for medium-sized to large businesses with complex warehouses in retail, wholesale, eCommerce, 3PL and manufacturing.


Locus WMS is an application that controls the warehouse by assigning the right task to the right person at the right time. When an employee has completed a task and is ready for the next, Locus WMS determines the most important task for that employee at that time, taking into account the type of tasks that person is allowed to perform, which vehicle is currently in use, and where the employee is at that moment.


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Centric Logistic Solutions

Transistorstraat 2g

1322CE Almere




Christiaan van den Bos

Sales Manager


Telephone: +31 (0)36 549 86 66

Fax: +31 (0)36 549 88 88

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