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Logistics Reply can manage a wide variety of logistics projects with its proprietary solutions LEA Reply™ and Click Reply™. The company's focus is to drive tangible results for its customers to support supply chain optimisation and drive value creation. Logistics Reply has offices in Europe (London, Munich, Milan), North and South America.

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Company description

Logistics Reply is part of the Reply Group, a network of highly specialised companies with a focus on consulting, system integration and digital services to support companies in optimising and integrating their business processes using the latest technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Digital Platforms.

Logistics Reply is the Reply Group Company, which offers its customers a complete set of cutting-edge services and solutions for Supply Chain Execution. These range from digital supply chain consulting to turnkey application delivery based on innovative technologies.

Logistics Reply has two proprietary Supply Chain Execution Suites, which can help companies maximise the efficiency of their logistics networks, reduce costs and improve service levels creating competitive advantage.

Click Reply™ a suite of integrated solutions for the management and control of Supply Chain Execution, that can be deployed on-premises or in-cloud.  It includes Warehouse Management, Yard Management, Warehouse Billing, Warehouse Performance and Labor Management.

LEA Reply™, »Logistics Execution Architecture«, Logistics Reply’s latest evolution of Supply Chain Software. LEA Reply™ is an interconnected platform based on a microservices architecture that enables agile and cost-effective supply chain solutions tailor-made for business needs. It includes, Warehouse Management, Supplier Portal, Dock Scheduling, Hub & Network, Last Mile, Dropship and Store Logistics.

The solutions developed by Logistics Reply have been successfully implemented worldwide and are currently being used by customers in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.


Logistics Reply has over 20 years of experience developing, implementing and supporting customers across diverse industries with its proprietary WMS and extended supply chain software applications.

Logistics Reply is an innovator. It was one of the first companies to develop a pure multi-tenant SaaS WMS and has a large and dedicated R&D team, that is constantly working to refine the appications and experimenting with the latest technologies to offer the best and most effective solutions to its customers.

LEA Reply™, »Logistics Execution Architecture«, is Logistics Reply’s latest evolution of Supply Chain Software, it builds on 20+ years of industry experience and customer success of the product suites Click Reply™ and SideUp Reply™. LEA Reply™ is an interconnected platform based on a microservices architecture that enables agile and cost-effective supply chain solutions tailor-made for business needs.

Information related to the product

WMSClick Reply WM 4.20


Click Reply™ Warehouse Management is Reply's proprietary solution for the management and control of Supply Chain Execution, that can be deployed on-premises or in-cloud.

Click Reply™ WMS is capable of guaranteeing full visibility and traceability of logistic processes, assisting customers to actively integrate with their partners and designing supply chain management models that are optimised for:
  • Distributing products and services in an integrated way
  • Saving on stock provisioning activities
  • Reducing logistic costs
  • Improving stock rotation
  • Increasing the percentage of on-time deliveries
  • Reducing the lead time of order fulfilment
  • Quickly alerting clients and suppliers

Click Reply™ Warehouse Management is a modular solution developed with the most cutting edge and consolidated IT technologies, certified for integration with several major ERP systems. Click Reply™ Warehouse Management is a system geared towards the control of warehousing operations, allowing material handling management with hard copy or Wi-Fi terminals, space optimisation and reduction of implementation times, optimised planning of shipping activities, continuous and precise monitoring of activities as well as human and automatic resources.

Click Reply™ Warehouse Management allows the complete integration of logistics processes with ERP systems and supports the use of automatic identification systems based on barcode or RFID technology.

Click Reply™ Warehouse Management is the ideal solution for customers looking for the following benefits and competitive advantages:

  • accessibility to the warehousing system via Internet browser
  • comprehensive 3-Tier architecture
  • reduced application management costs
  • reduced infrastructure management costs
  • advanced technology integration (RFID, voice recognition)

  • broad choice of operating possibilities
  • high operational flexibility
  • advanced compatibility with future releases
  • build-up of functional developments
  • collaboration with trading partners

  • easy extension of the application to new sites and drop-offs
  • guaranteed reliability and robustness
  • reduced time to release
  • limited impact on existing infrastructure

Target group

With over 20 years of experience and a strong focus on partnering with customers, Logistics Reply has extensive process knowledge and understanding of the logistics needs of many different industries, through its focused vertical solutions Click Reply™ WM is especially strong in the following industry verticals:

Following many years of experience in the automotive market, Logistics Reply has acquired a leading position worldwide for the management of supply processes, production lines and distribution of spare parts for the car, truck, and motorcycle sector.​ The offer for the automotive sector consists of ​two vertical solutions, aimed at the following business categories: Inbound: production line supply and Aftermarket: for the distribution of spare parts.

Click Reply™ WM for Fashion manages hanging or flat-packed garments, footwear, sportswear and accessories, identifying them through a wide set of characteristics: model, size, colour, type, made-in and season. It supports the management of the processes requested by the Business Line and responds to industry needs including:
  • efficient management of the end-to-end process from goods reception and warehousing, to shipping, providing a quick response to market demand
  • improved service levels at the same cost
  • high operational flexibility
  • integration with the sales network: order management flexibility
  • value added activities (quality control, packing, labelling)
  • increasing efficiency continuously by monitoring operational data

Supply Chain Management requires collaboration models based on increasingly interconnected information exchange systems. For third party logistics providers (3PLs), the information technology factor is becoming more and more important in order to provide differentiation, there is also a tendency to provide specific KPIs. Click Reply™ WM responds to industry needs with:
  • easy integration with the client’s business and information system
  • quick and easy start-up for new clients
  • multiple and sophisticated operational solutions
  • added value to activity management
  • maximum visibility of data and management results
  • cost effectiveness due to monitoring and the efficient use of operative resources

Operation area

Click Reply™ can support fully automated environments, with extensive use of ASRS, Sorters, AGVs and conveyors. We have numerous clients using Click Reply solutions with automated systems, with the most complex scenarios in fashion, retail, and food.


The Click Reply™ Suite is divided into five applications each covering distinct supply chain areas and needs.
It includes Warehouse Management, Yard Management, Labor Management, Warehouse Billing and Warehouse Performance.

Click Reply™ Warehouse Management: the solution for the efficient management of end-to-end warehouse management processes suitable for production and distribution networks.

  • Material handling management with hard copy or WiFi terminals
  • Logistics processes running on automatic identification systems, based on barcodes or RFID
  • Space optimisation and reduction of implementation times
  • Optimised planning of shipping activities
  • Continuous and precise monitoring of activities and human and automatic resources

Click Reply™ Yard Management: The solution enables the end-to-end management of the typical processes, resources and events of the yard. Offering 100% visibility and control even in critical situations, expediting inbound and outbound warehouse processes and allowing urgent consignments or production line requirements to be met.

Click Reply™ Labor Management: supports the now imperative logistics requirements of continuous improvement, process optimisation and cost reduction. In a warehouse that is not highly automated, the cost of labor typical accounts for between 50 and 75% of the overall costs. Optimising process performance is therefore an important and essential lever to gain competitiveness and reduce costs, particularly in low margin environments.

Click Reply™ Warehouse Billing: allows customers to automatically manage warehouse operational cost calculations based on contractual arrangements and pricing models shared between the Customer and the Logistic Service Provider, based on the activities actually carried out.

Click Reply™ Warehouse Peformance: enables customers to analyse performance in the supply chain, enabling data discovery in self-service mode thanks to integration of a leading business intelligence (BI) solution.

Product Screenshots

WMSLEA Reply WM 2.20


Supply Chain Digitalisation has led to a shift in focus from stand-alone solutions to platform-based models which drive visibility and collaboration.LEA Reply™ Warehouse Managementis built on LEA Platform's microservices architecture, designed to enable simplicity and agility in order to add new functionalities when needed and to allow companies to collaborate effectively with their suppliers, distributors and other partners to ensure quality deliveries to end-customers.

LEA Reply™ WMSenables companies to manage and oversee their warehouse operations, maintain total control of stock at all times, optimise space allocation, reduce turnaround times and facilitate the real-time monitoring of activities. The software supports numerous customers across different industries in both distribution and production environments and can manage finished products, semi-finished products, and spare parts inventories.

Target group

LEA Reply's flexible microservices architecture makes it highly, adaptable to different customer contexts and industry-specific scenarios.

LEA Reply™ has strong reference experience with customers operating in:

Retail / Fashion / Food & Grocery :
LEA Reply™ boasts an innovative and unique suite of modules for the Retail industry. The LEA Suite is designed to meet the challenges of omnichannel paradigms and encompasses a broad spectrum of e-Commerce contexts from Fashion & Luxury to Food & Grocery, with some specific vertical features for Apparel & Ready-to-wear (strengthened by the broad adoption of RFID technologies).

Operation area

The LEA Reply™software can be integrated with all major ERPs and is compatible with highly automated warehouses, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), and the latest supporting technologies: RFID, smart tags, Pick-to-Light, voice solutions and wearables.


The LEA Reply™ Suite includes the WMS and six other extended Supply Chain applications each covering distinct scenarios and needs.

LEA Reply™ Warehouse Management, WMS manages operational warehouse processes and provides accurate monitoring of stock levels, working effectively in any distribution or production environment.

LEA Reply™ Supplier Portal is a cloud-based tool which enables tracking of in-transit products at suppliers’ premises, providing real time visibility of incoming stock.

LEA Reply™ Dock Scheduling is a collaborative solution for the distribution of loading and unloading appointments at warehouse docks via a cloud-based portal.

LEA Reply™ Hub & Network manages sorting centres and handling hubs in real-time, allowing quick and timely routing of inward parcels to the next destination.

LEA Reply™ Last Mile facilitates last-mile delivery pick-up and drop-off activities including route optimisation, real time updates on delivery status, payments and digital signatures.

LEA Reply™ Store Logistics is the innovative solution for managing point of sale logistics using RFID tags, enabling companies to streamline multichannel management.

LEA Reply™ Dropship is a supplier-direct fulfilment solution in which a retailer does not stock goods but transfers customer orders to the supplier, who then ships directly to the customer


AllLEA Reply™ modules are offered as software as a service. Monthly fees apply according to the volume of usage of the customer. In this wayLEA Reply™adapts flexibly to the actual volume of usage and avoids spending capital on partly unused licences.

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